Here it goes again!

And no I’m not dancing on treadmills. That would be awesome though, wouldn’t it? (If you do not understand this reference, please click here to join the 21st century :P )

Okay, moving away from musical references and into what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks… (I really need to stop being late on the posting, but then I wouldn’t be me, would I?)

Well…what have I been doing? No more food poisoning. That’s good.
I’ve mostly been busy getting into the swing of my new classes, which I will be honest, I do not like as much as last semester’s bunch. I had some really fun and interesting seminar leaders last semester, and this semester not so much. (Though it is early, so I will reserve my final judgments for a later date just to be fair)

Here’s a breakdown of the courses I’m taking just in case you needed something to put you to sleep:
– Cultural History of World War 1 (Mondays)
– The Great Wen – Culture and History of Victorian England (Mondays)
– Romantic Writings – Tuesdays
– Shakespeare and His Contemporaries – Thursdays

So, I get Fridays off this semester. I really shall miss having Mondays off too, but alas, a break mid-week isn’t bad.
And I don’t mean to bash on my classes, as I’m actually interested in the subject matter of each of them (or I wouldn’t have bothered with the classes, let’s be honest), but the combination of the timing of the classes and the seminar leaders being kind of “meh” kind of kills them in comparison to last semester. (Once again, being honest :P)

Obviously, I’ll get on with it and do the requirements of each class well enough to get As, so hopefully you won’t have to hear my griping about classes again! Yay! (which by the way, haven’t really gotten any harder, that’s always a plus – always look on the bright side of life…do do do do dod odo do…sorry. That was bad.)

Outside of classes, I’ve done quite a bit of roaming about London with the new peeps. (Walked all about London on one of the rarer nice days we’ve had) Also went to a fantastic burger and cocktail restaurant (because what else do you expect from me?) called MEATLiquor. If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m in love with MEATMarket, and MEATLiquor is the mother restaurant to that one, so obviously it was to die for. (AND THEY HAVE FRIED PICKLES. YUM)
I’ve also discovered an amazing comic shop, which I may have mentioned before, that I basically plan on living at called Forbidden Planet. It’s a NERD Mecca. Just saiyan. (Get it? No? Aww…)

And before all of this discovery, my cousin and her husband came to visit for their “babymoon” which was all kinds of fun. Got to go to a private tour of Buckingham, a really fancy afternoon tea, on the London Eye, (pic below) and walked A TON. Oh and the not-so-awesome part was that it was basically blizzarding the whole time. While there was actually decent weather in Chicago, it was blizzarding here. But either way, we still had a fabulous time with good food and a rum keg (not for the pregnant lady, don’t worry!) Oh and did I mention we went to the Churchill War Rooms? Because I could basically live there and go through that entire museum for a week. Not even exaggerating. The timeline alone would take forever, and it’s AWESOME. (History nerd moment, don’t mind me) Also, I would like to just mention that my cousin’s husband thought there was actually a circus in Picadilly Circus. Just throwing that out there :P
Note: In case you’re new to the snow-meets-Europe thing, when it snows, major cities basically shut down. I was honestly surprised (and so were many of my professors) that the Tube was still working after one inch of snow. ONE INCH. Ladies and gentlemen, London freaked out after one single solitary inch of snow. I would personally love to see them face the Snowpocalypse because I think they’d all faint.
Second Note: When people visit you abroad on holiday, you’re basically on holiday yourself. Seriously! You do more and walk more as if you’ve actually left the city and gone off to visit somewhere you’ve never been. It’s fun yet kind of crazy.

So here’s some photos from my recent escapades! (Lucky, you get three.)
Snow at the Tower Bridge (and by blizzard, I meant blizzard, people):

Churchill War Rooms (Specifically Churchill’s Office!!!):

London Eye view (West End – see that really bright bit to the left? Picadilly Circus):

I’ve also now experienced a holiday from another continent in a different continent than the holiday actually is from. Confused yet? Yeah I would be too.
Basically, we celebrated Australia Day in London, and Australia Day is a national holiday in (you guessed it) Australia. So we celebrated Australia’s version of the Fourth of July in England. Overall, it was quite fun. My flatmates and I went to an Australian pub called Walkabout (which was about 1000 degrees – I think they were trying to mimic Australian summer in there) and found out that there are MANY more Aussies in London than any of us originally thought. We also took this opportunity to learn more about Australian culture, (more slang, yay!) listen to Aussie music, and learn Aussie songs. It was ace.

So yeah, I’ve had an eventful few weeks! And more to come this semester. I’m pumped to see what’s in store. As of right now, I’ve planned a trip to Ireland with my friends on my floor and possibly am going to Salzburg and Munich. I also will be going to Paris and Scotland again, so that’s super exciting. Other trips I’m looking at include Italy, Poland, and Spain. So that’s ridiculously exciting.

Sad I’m missing the SupHarbaughl though. (First world problems. Might actually watch it at a charity event? Maybe? That’s awesome, right? I think so.)

I don’t really have any thought provoking study abroad tips this time around. I really need to work on that. Something to think on, I guess: if you have people come visit you, be prepared to walk a lot, do a ton of things you may have already done (I was lucky this time, I hadn’t done a whole lot of what they wanted to do), and be as flexible as possible. It makes it easier for them and for you if you’re prepared, just like most things in life (shocking, I know!) :)

Anyway, I’ll stop yammering now. PARTY ON DUDES! (Bill and Ted, anyone?!)


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